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How to get a Pomsky puppy

Thank you for your interest in our Pomsky puppies.

To get on the waiting list we do ask for:

1.) Describe your family, include your full name, address and phone, we also like to know where the Pomsky will be living(in or out) and if you have other pets.

2.) 3 personal references and your Veterinarian’s name and phone

3.) You will need to agree to have your Pomsky spayed or neutered.

Pomsky prices start at $2,000.00 and up depending on their markings and eye color.

Our 50/50 Pomskies will grow to be 15-30 lbs. They are mild mannered and calmer than a Siberian Husky. They are due in mid November, we will start accepting deposits when they are 2 weeks old, so around the 1st of December. They will be ready to go home at 10 weeks and will come with their shots, dewormed and they will be registered with The International Pomsky Association. You are welcome to meet their Mom & Dad and see where we raise them also.





ImPECKable Bentley our AKC Pomeranian Stud

Pomeranians are adorable little puffballs with distinct fox like faces and plumed tails.

Check out these 10 fun facts about Pomeranians:

Pomeranians Facts

  1. The name of the breed comes from Pomerania, which is the region of Northern Europe where they originated.
  2. They are also known affectionately as Poms or Pom Poms.
  3. These small dogs typically weigh around 7 to 10 pounds, but they’re descended from big sled dogs. Hard to believe, right?
  4. Pomeranians weren’t always so little. They used to weigh as much as 20 to 30 pounds before being bred down in size by Queen Victoria of England.
  5. Despite their small stature, they are famous for thinking they can take on big dogs with their little bark. This makes socializing a Pomeranian with other dogs important in order to avoid aggressive behavior.
  6. Martin Luther, a leader of the Protestant Reformation, had a Pomeranian named Belferlein who he often mentioned in his writing.
  7. Mozart dedicated an aria to Pimperl who was his beloved Pomeranian.v
  8. Michelangelo had a Pomeranian by his side as he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  9. Pomeranians can make wonderful therapy dogs. They are also trained as hearing assistance dogs.
  10. Despite their furry coat, they don’t require a lot of grooming other than regular brushing, which can help reduce shedding.

Is a Pomsky right for you?

  Wondering if a Pomsky is the right breed for you?

Please take time to research the Pomsky breed before making a purchase, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. 

💞*We will be specializing in F1 Pomskies to promote the breed to AKC recognition*💞

About the Pomsky Generations

F1 Pomsky= 50% Husky and 50% Pomeranian. This is done by artificial insemination of a pure bred female Siberian Husky by a pure bred male Pomeranian. You can not breed a male husky to a female Pomeranian.

F1 Pomskies generally weigh between 10-30 pounds.

Coat- an F1 Pomsky puppy tends to look more like a small husky with a woolly coat and pointed ears. some Pomsky puppies will have more husky like coats and then some will have coats more similar to their pom dad’s. Their tails are curled similar to both their parents. There will still be some husky resemblance like the Blue eyes, or coat coloring.

💞*We will be specializing in F1 Pomskies to promote the breed to AKC recognition*💞

F2= 25% Husky and 75% Pomeranian F2 pomskies generally weigh between 8-15 pounds.

Coat- F2 Pomskies tend to be smaller with more of a Pomeranian look and coat with pointed ears. There will still be some husky resemblance like the Blue eyes, or coat coloring. Their tails are curled similar to both their Pomeranian and husky parents

F2= Is when two Pomskies are bred to each other. Colors are more varied and size is always smaller. 

F2b=second generation back cross puppy this is when you have a F1 bred to a F1b resulting in a hybrid back cross


Pomsky puppies are very intelligent and have a moderate activity level. They are good natured, lively and play well with children. They learn quick and require regular play or exercise to avoid boredom. Bored Pomskies can get themselves into trouble by chewing, so it is recommended that you supply them with plenty of toys and dog chews to keep the pups busy especially at night or while you are away. Pomskies tend to be on the quiet side and are generally the perfect size for couples where one wants a small dog and the other a bigger dog. Pomskies, like many breeds are diggers so its best to get them trained not to dig. BUT LIKE ALL DOGS PERSONALITY CAN VARY FROM PUP TO PUP depending on their individual genetic make up and what traits get passed down from their parents. Some pups can be more on the active side while other can be a bit more relaxed. Pomskies are protective of their owners and can make great guard dogs despite their smaller size.

Health Concerns

The Pomsky breed is still very new since they have not been around that long there is not much known about any common health conditions. However, since this breed is mixed between the two breeds it is possibly for a puppy to have hereditary health conditions from either breed.


All of our ImPECKable dogs

Ziggy, I think her name might have been Siggy but I liked Ziggy. A stranger messaged me on Facebook and wanted to buy one of KiKi’s puppies, but never followed through with his screening info so he did not get one of our puppies, about 6 months later, this same person messages me asking if we can take another Husky in, they can not get theirs to get potty trained, she was 9 months old, of course we said yes! We went to pick her up in Wartburg, she was chained to a pole and her chain was tangled so she had about 2 feet of chain, it was raining and she could not get to her doghouse. I felt so sad for her! Ziggy has turned out to be the best behaved of all the dogs we have ever had! She is smart and amazing! Ziggy is loyal and sweet, she goes everywhere in the car with me and she never bothers us, she never disobeys and she loves to sleep in the house with us!! Ziggy is My favorite! She had a litter of ONE puppy, the one and only Rose!

Rose is a singleton, the one and only baby by Ziggy and Big Guy. She is a year old now! She is also the only puppy we have kept of all of the puppies we have had. We adore our Rose she is an angel!

Mia is our youngest up and coming Pomsky Momma. She is an AKC red & white with baby blue eyes, Siberian Husky. Mia is super sweet and loaded with personality! She learns new things quickly!

We were standing in our driveway on Tarwater St. in Rockwood TN when a beautiful gray Siberian Husky comes trotting down the street, Todd went out in the street to catch her, and she just rolled right over for him to rub her belly! She was skinny and searching for food so we took her in, and hung up signs around the neighborhood about finding a husky and took her to a vet to check for a microchip, she did not have one. A week later a lady called, saying she was the caregiver of a lady who was missing her husky, so I took her to the lady and she told me that was her husky she had adopted from the Rockwood animal shelter, this nice lady was having problems keeping “KiKi” to stay at her home so she decided to give her to us! KiKi has been with us for 5 years now and has had 5 litters of puppies! She will be the mother of our 1st Pomsky litter and then she will retire and be spayed! KiKi is a wonderfully amazing dog who makes you love her and cuss at her in the same sentence! She is smart, an escape artist and a Foodie!