More Pomskies to come this year!

We have 4 Beautiful AKC Females ready to make Amazing F-1 Pomskies!

F-1 Pomskies are made by artificial insemination, and are 50% Siberian Husky and 50% Pomeranian- they usually stay under 30 lbs and can come in a wide variety of colors due to the very colorful Pomeranian!

Each Impeckable Pomsky will come with:
🐾 Age appropriate vaccines
🐾 Dewormed every 2 weeks
🐾 Registered with The IPA-International Pomsky Association
🐾 Come with a one year genetic health guarantee.
🐾 A Welcome Home kit to take home with your Pomsky
Pets only! You will need to agree to have your Pomsky spayed or neutered.

To apply for an ImPECKable Pomsky, please send us the application at the Top of the page

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They ALL have 2 Blue eyes!! AMAZING!!

15 days old


Mia & Bentley

“Official” Pomsky breeding done today 9-14-18

Thanks to the help of Village Vet in Farragut we are on track to the creation of our First litter of Impeckable Pomskies! Mia is so good and cooperative but she did jump right up on the vets checkout counter! Bentley was so excited he was breathing like he ran a marathon and his “little swimmers” were tested and are good and strong! … they are both sleeping!!🐺



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